New Centre for Mathematical Approaches to Consciousness at Oxford

The University of Oxford invites expressions of interest from donors and foundations who might like to join us at this exciting and important time in the emergence of mathematical consciousness science as a new scientific field. The journey into a formal understanding of consciousness is a journey into ourselves and is one of the last great frontiers of human knowledge.

Accordingly, fundraising by OMCAN is underway in support of the new Centre for Mathematical Approaches to Consciousness at Oxford; the world’s first centre exclusively dedicated to mathematical consciousness science. OMCAN is seeking underpinning funding in support of postdoctoral researcher opportunities, fellowships in perpetuity and, potentially, an academic chair in mathematical consciousness science. Our vision is to create a world class centre where researchers at all career stages collaborate on carefully chosen and coordinated research challenges fostering a lively and creative research environment where theories, models and ideas are continuously developed, discussed and stress tested. With an extensive visitor programme, newly created positions and venue for the Models of Consciousness international conference, the centre at Oxford creates an important range of opportunities for the developing mathematical consciousness science community both internationally and in the UK.

Donors and foundations interested in supporting this exciting initiative are invited to contact the University’s Development Office or OMCAN directly.

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