Workshop on Information Theory and Consciousness

All of science rests on the evidence of our conscious perceptions, yet the scientific status of consciousness itself remains poorly understood. Every view on the relationship between consciousness and physics is controversial.
One example is the hypothesis that consciousness is an apparently fundamental property of some physical systems, presumably including human and animal brains, and that it should be possible to identify lawlike rules that characterise the degree of consciousness of any given physical system. Tononi and collaborators, among others, have suggested that these laws might rely on concepts from information theory, and have developed a research programme pursuing an “integrated information theory of consciousness” (IIT).

The aim of this workshop is to explore and criticize these and related ideas and their possible implications for theory and experiment, to understand the claims made and counter-arguments, and to stimulate dialogue among researchers interested in empirical data about consciousness and possible mathematical approaches to understanding it better.

Attendance is by registration and then invitation only due to limited space. The deadline for registration is Monday 15th April 2019.

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