Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute 2020

The Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute (DISI for short) fosters collaboration among scholars and storytellers interested in the origin, nature, and future of intelligences. You can read more about DISI here: www.diverseintelligencessummer.com.

The basic idea behind DISI is simple. We bring together a variety of thinkers interested in the study of mind, cognition, and intelligence for several weeks of transdisciplinary exploration. We seek applicants for our FELLOWS program (graduate students, postdocs, new faculty, and industry researchers) and our STORYTELLERS program (artists, filmmakers, podcasters, writers, etc.). We hope that this vibrant community will work together to develop new ways of engaging with big questions about intelligence, cognition, and the mind. All accepted fellows and storytellers will receive funding.

DISI will take place at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, from June 28 to July 18. This is a beautiful seaside location, easily accessible from Edinburgh International Airport, and a picturesque train journey North from London. In addition to lectures and discussions, DISI offers participants the opportunity to develop collaborative interdisciplinary research projects with support from faculty and staff.

In both the FELLOW and STORYTELLER tracks, we are looking for creative, open-minded participants who want to take intellectual risks and break down disciplinary barriers in the spirit of dialogue and discovery.

Application review will begin on March 1st. Application portals can be found at www.diverseintelligencessummer.com/apply