Building a bright future for Mathematical Consciousness Science (talk and roundtable event)

Mathematical consciousness science (MCS) is a new, vibrant and accelerating scientific field. Spawned from initial ideas such as Integrated Information Theory and Global Workspace Theory, today MCS heralds an exciting new future in humankind’s quest to understand the self and uncover the relationship between the brain and the subjective inner conscious life of sentient organisms.

This talk and roundtable event provides an exciting introduction to a selection of MCS research topics at Oxford and is an opportunity to (virtually) meet the mathematicians involved.

20:00 (UK time)

20:05 (UK time)
Prof. Pete Grindrod – A computational window on the “inner life” of the human cortex

20:20 (UK time)
Prof. Kobi Kremnitzer – The quest to unify consciousness with the physical Universe

20:35 (UK time)
Dr Jonathan Mason – Can we mathematically model the unity of consciousness?

20:50 (UK time)
Meet the mathematician, ask questions and find out about Oxford's exciting vision to build a bright future for MCS as the field takes on one of sciences’ greatest grand challenges.